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Joss Douthwaite, Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists (OT’s) work with people of all ages, assisting and supporting them to carry out the activities that they need or want to do to enable them to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Occupational Therapists work with individuals to break down the barriers which hold them back from carrying out their day-to-day activities. 

What do I do?

As an Occupational Therapist I not only look at the physical effects of ageing, injury or disease but address the psychosocial, community, and environmental factors that influence a person’s functional ability.  I also try to find out why an individual might be  encountering difficulties that in turn affects their ability to do  what they need or want to do.


Depending on your situation I may assess the following areas

  • What you find easy or difficult physically–for example, your strength, coordination, and balance
  • What you find easy or difficult mentally e.g., your memory, organisational skills and coping strategies
  • What materials you need to participate in the things you need or want to do, e.g., any assistive technology, adaptations furniture, cooking equipment, clothes, or computer.
  • The social and emotional support available to you in your home, community, work, school, and the environment around you in which you want and need to function.

What are peoples' experiences of Occupational Therapy?

  • Many people have said that they were not aware of how even small adaptations and changes to their homes or routines could make huge differences to their independence and ability.
  • Many people expressed feeling more confident and increased self-esteem.
  • For some people, their lives have been transformed after many years of struggling.

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